Early Access Release – Free on itch.io

Good news everyone! You can play an early access beta version of Baking Simulator right now!
Head on over to Baking Simulator on itch.io and give it a go.

Current features:

  1. The ability to cut ingredients using knives to change the quantity of the ingredient
  2. The ability to pour the content of a bag
  3. The ability to break ingredients, such as eggs
  4. The ability to mix ingredients using spoons! or a rolling pin? hek, why not use the radios antenna!
  5. The ability to pour ingredients from a bowl into a cake tin
  6. The ability to cook a cake
  8. One playable kitchen
  9. New kitchen is visible but can’t be played

All aboard the Greenlight Express!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now officially on Steam Greenlight! Check out our new promotional video on the Greenlight page by clicking below and then if you would be so kind as to vote for us we would be very, very much obliged!

Thank you all!

Full Steam ahead

Over here in the Baking Simulator kitchen we’ve been slaving over a hot computer to get Baking Simulator ready for a Steam Greenlight release! We’re just putting the finishing touches on our gameplay video and will be submitting our game VERY soon! Thank you to everyone who have expressed their interest in the game and we hope to see you all on Steam soon!!!



All aspiring chefs, cooks and bakers rejoice – bakingsimulator.com has officially launched!

We will be sure to keep you posted with the latest updates of the development of the all new enhanced installment of the ever popular Baking Simulator game, but for now why not try your hand at the original Ludum Dare game made in just 48 hours by one majestic programmer by the name of Samuel Oates?

Oh and whilst you’re at it you may as well check out our Facebook & Twitter pages for the latest updates straight to your social feeds!

Until next time, thanks for dropping by!


Baking Simulator

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