Where can I play the original game?

You are welcome to play the original game right here on this site in your browser! Just plug in an Xbox controller or use the keyboard controls and you’re away! Make sure you have the Unity web player plugin installed – you will be prompted to install it on the game’s page if you don’t already!


When will the game be released, and on what platforms?

Baking Simulator will be released before the end of the year on PC & Mac. There are currently no plans to port to console or mobile, although this could certainly change.


will you be releasing on steam?

Hopefully! We will be putting the game onto Steam Greenlight very soon so if you want to bake cakes through your favourite digital distribution platform keep an eye on our sites for more information soon!


wHAT can we expect from the new game?

A lot more baking and a lot more fun! More ingredients, more recipes, more appliances – all of the code and art has been completely re-written and re-modelled, with much, much more content.


Who are you and what do you want?

We’re just a couple of humble British folk who want to make something fun that everybody can enjoy!


What is your favourite cake?

My favourite cake is chocolate fudge cake. I am also rather fond of coffee walnut cake.



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